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Who are the parties involved in the whole system?
Who are our processors?
Who are TSYS/TransFirst, Global Payments, Elavon and First Data?
What is a Processor?
What is an acquirer?
What services does Straightline offer besides unbeatable rates on merchant accounts?
Who do I call for support?
Who pays for airline miles and other rewards?
Who can qualify for accepting credit cards?
Who should I trust in this very confusing industry?
Who has the best rates?
What are the fees involved with accepting credit cards?
What is a Downgrade?
What is a Virtual Terminal?
What is a Terminal?
What type of terminal do I need?
  • How can I get the best possible rates while processing cards?
  • In short, reduce the risk of possible fraud to get the best rates! Risk, and each card-type's rates, are measured by the statistical probability of fraud or chargeoffs. For example, a Debit card that was swiped at the grocery store, and had the correct PIN number, will have an almost 0% chance of being a fraudulent charge. Therefore, the rate is low on that type of transaction. Inversely, a credit card that was taken over an internet page where it had the wrong billing address and no CVV code, would have a much higher probability of risk. If your terminal prompts you for zipcode, address, sales tax, or customer ID number, do NOT leave any of these blank or else the processor will throw that one item into the high-risk bucket that carries an inflated rate to compensate their chargeoff losses. Also, sales tax is only for corporate cards, and it must be between 0.01% and 20% of the total.
Can I surcharge my customers who pay with a credit card?
Sometimes we need to store credit card numbers, so how do we do it?
How long does it take for my deposits to become available in my checking account?
What do I do to get started?
What is the turnaround time for getting everything set up?

Who is not allowed to accept credit cards?
What is a Chargeback?
How do Chargebacks work?
What is an Authorization Fee?
What is an Assessment Fee?
What is a Settlement Fee?
When will my money be available in my checking account?
How can I determine my True Cost?
How many terminals can I use simultaneously?
Customers payments with gift cards are not processing
How can I secure my wireless connection?
Can I charge a surcharge fee for those who use credit cards?
Can I offer a discount for those that don/'t use a credit card?

Securing Customer Credit Card Data
What is PCI Compliancy?
What does PCI mean?
Do I have to comply with PCI?
What information does Visa offer about payment applications and PCI compliancy?
How do I contact the payment card brands?
What are the consequences to my business if I do not comply with the PCI DSS?
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